Feb 13th + 14th: David Lacey & Paul Vogel 7pm nightly

David Lacey and Paul Vogel are a talented pair of music improvisers whose work challenges our notions of what constitutes music. They use traditional acoustic instruments, electronic processing, faulty objects and the sound both inside and outside the performance space to produce a unique aural experience.

Feb 19th: Solas Film Collective 7pm DVD Launch

Formed in 1998 by Moira Tierney and Alan Lambert, Solus is an independent film collective and platform for Irish and international film-makers working in Super-8mm / 16mm and DV. After 10 years of programming, Solus are presenting their first DVD compilation, which presents works from the early screenings in the late nineties through to the most recent additions for Anthology Film Archives in 2006.

Feb 20th: Alan Lambert Screening of Metal Dragon Films 7pm

As Metal Dragon, Alan Lambert has been producing audio-visual works for festivals and live cultural events over the past 5 years from a wide range of visual material collected on his travels in America, Asia, Europe and the Middle East. For this screening he presents a set of short improvised ghost stories made on mini-DV entitled Ouroboros which features composers, mural painters, stand up comics, animators and conceptual artists bringing their unique take to the supernatural narrative.

Feb 26th – March 2nd: The Writing Workshop at thisisnotashop A Week of Miscellany Tue-Sat 7pm Nightly, Sunday 1pm Brunch

The Writing Workshop at thisisnotashop was formed in July 2007 as a place for writers and artists interested in text to share their work and collaborate. A Week of Miscellany showcases the fruits of this exploration with evenings of presentation, participation, entertainment, and reflection: a veritable exercise in ‘work-in-progress-ness’. Each night one of the workshop’s participants will present / perform their work. Participants: Jessamyn Fiore, Jessica Foley, Gerry McDonnel, Susan Thomson, Kay Inckle, Felicity Williams, Maura Foley, Damian O’Donnell, and Kathryn Maguire.


March 8th – March 16th: Patricia McKenna Between the Lines Opening Friday March 7th, 7-9pm

In Between the Lines Particia McKenna prompts questions about the nature and technique of drawing. Using traditional and non-traditional materials including Wisteria and plastic, thisisnotashop will become a canvas of line, movement and shadow. McKenna’s work will show us a point of connection between nature and man-made materials, creating a shadow dance that meanders through and out of the building.

March 19th – 23rd: Killian Dunne, Nicole Tilley, Bláthnaid Ní Mhurchú, Attracta Manson, Myra Jago

5 O n A D a y O u t …and other stories Opening Tuesday 18th 7-9pm

5OADO is the group name of a talented mix of emerging, Dublin-based artists, currently in their 3rd year at the National College of Art and Design. Working across a variety of media and from disparate perspectives, the 5OADO cooperative’s diverse aesthetic groundings resonate a singular energy.

March 28th to 30th: Fiona Larkin Opening Thursday March 27th, 7-9pm

Belfast based artist Fiona Larkin will create a video and mixed media site-specific installation for thisisnotashop that looks closely at the everyday experience of the commute. She focuses on the ‘in-between’ nature of the commute and examines the void between our helical sites of aspiration and ambition, home and work.


April 10th to 17th: Stephen Blayds and Terry Markey Opening Wednesday April 9th, 6-9pm

Dublin based artists Stephen Blayds and Terry Markey present an exhibition of work concerned with the notion of construction and the creative act in the art space.

April 25th to 27th: Ed Chaplin 25 Years of Drawings Opening Thursday April 24th, 7-9pm

New York based visual artist Ed Chaplin makes his Irish debut at thisisnotashop with a selection of drawings from a lifetime of work. Born in 1932, Chaplin has pursued a life in art and architecture outside the traditional gallery system. His meditative drawings combine blurred geometry and multiplex colours to form an exploration of total abstraction.


Inter Art College Learning Development Programme 2008

Exhibition of work from students who undertook the learning development placement programme exploring collaborative arts practice. Thirty four visual art students were placed with a variety of groups and organisations over a seven week period in spring of 2008.
This programme is managed by Create, the national development agency for collaborative arts.

MAY 16-17:NCAD MA Art in the Digital World
Occidental Tourist

Artists: Aoife Giles, Sheila Hough, Myrna Epstein, Karen McCormack, Gerard Reilly, Coilin Rush, Gary Somers

Occidental Tourist is the self-organised exhibition by the first year participants of NCAD’s MA Art in the Digital World Course. Working primarily, but not exclusively, with lens based digital media the show represents a diverse range of works from the group’s current research interests.

Thisisnotashop at ART 08 at the RDS
MAY 16-18

Thisisnotashop has been invited to participate in Art 08 at the RDS Main Hall Complex alongside some of Ireland’s top galleries. We will present new work by Irish artist and musician Chequerboard themed on the sound of his recently released and critically acclaimed Penny Black album. Also on display will be a selection of original photographs by internationally renowned 1970’s New York conceptual artist Gordon Matta-Clark.

Tuesday MAY 20: Zambia Appeal Art Sale

An Art Sale in aid of the Zambia Appeal, an organization to support four Irish volunteers travelling this July to teach and work in the poverty-stricken town of Mazabuka. A wide variety of pieces generously donated by well known and up-and-coming artists will be available and all proceeds go towards the work in Mazabuka. For more info visit

MAY 22- 24: Jenny Brady
Imitation of Life

Imitation of Life explores Dublin visual artist Jenny Brady’s research into the practice of reborning, an activity involving customising vinyl dolls to realistically resemble a human baby. Concerned with the contemporary creative practices of hobbyists, Brady uses the particular materials of these hobbies to investigate what they reveal to us about the nature of creativity, and the motivations behind the works.

MAY 29- JUN : Spirasi

Artists: Christopher Harrington and John Travers

Placeways is a video installation that explores the consequences of personal displacement. The exhibition is a collaborative art project involving asylum seekers, refugees and migrants and engages with ideas of place, safety, home, transition, departure and arrival. SPIRASI is a humanitarian, intercultural, non-governmental organization that works with asylum seekers, refugees and other disadvantaged migrant groups, with special concern for survivors of torture.


Spanish Contemporary Avant-Garde Cinema, Happening & Interventional Art

Curated by Esperanza Collado

Thisisnotashop presents a month of Contemporary Spanish Art featuring a series of experimental film screenings, multiple sound-screen environments, expanded cinema event, and interventions in the landscape.

JUN 12-14

Cine Experimento
Antoni Pinent, Albert Alcoz, and Oriol Sánchez

A series of film projections, film-installations, talks and performances which will take place at thisisnotashop gallery and The National Gallery of Ireland, Dublin featuring three internationally renown filmmakers from Barcelona: Antoni Pinent, Albert Alcoz, and Oriol Sánchez.

Special Cine Experimento event Sunday June 15th- stay tuned for details
JUN 19-26
Opening Wed Jun 18

Marta Fernández Calvo

FOG is a participatory artistic intervention project developed in the landscape. The large fog banks that move across the landscape are the actual starting point. The artist, Marta Fernández Calvo, has created a “portable fog kit” from different photographs of fog taken in Dolominas (Italy). The “kit” will be presented to Dublin inhabitants at a series of meetings in which people will be able to book FOG to be installed for one day in whatever space they desire.


Jul 17-20
Opening Wed Jul 16, 7-9pm

Catherine Barragry

An exploration that substitutes complex social and natural occurences for simple and intimate gestures, objects and actions through a practice that includes video, mixed media sculpture and performative presence. They are partial things, on the edge of existing, rendering popular culture strange by using the ritual and the animal in collision with more playful material…. shaman guardian angel dogs…disco eggs…and record players yolked to slow stretching infinities.

JUL 25-27, JUL 31-AUG 3
Opening Thu Jul 24, 7pm Theatre Performance

Wreckio Ensemble
The Ladies Aide Society Invites You to a Poverty Party to Benefit the Foundation for Ethical Art and Culture
For their Irish debut, New York City based theatre company Wreckio Ensemble presents an exploration of questions surrounding the process of making and selling art and its direct relationship to class systems. Through their trademark style of highly physical and collaborative theatre making, Wreckio Ensemble utilizes found and self-written material, as well as improvisation, to carve out a world where art and power collide.


SEP 8-21 / Opening Wed Sep 10, 7pm-9pm

The Dublin Fringe Festival

Jessica Foley and Elva Carri

Wheels Beneath Toys

Two artists present an eclectic ensemble of paraphernalia generating a space to explore diverse aspects of childhood play. Foley’s work is a development of research, investigating playgrounds & play histories within the north Dublin Inner city, which manifests in a kind of pseudo-historical narrative through objects, drawings & audio tape recordings. Carri’s work explores the childhood activity of building huts as hiding places, the transformation of the object that occurs within children’s play and the benefits of being childlike as an adult.

SEP 19 / Fri 5pm-11pm

Dublin Culture Night

After the success last year, thisisnotashop is proud to again participate in Dublin Culture Night. Come down and enjoy the festivities with live music, refreshments, and workshops led by Wheels Beneath Toys artists Jessica Foley and Elva Carri. For more information on Dublin Culture Night visit


OCT 3-12 / Opening Thu Oct 2, 6pm-9pm

Kate Minnock

in collaboration with Vera Klute


Kate Minnock’s work spans site-specific installation, digital & Fine Art print & drawing. Her practice is primarily research-based, currently focusing on the interdisciplinary relationship between art and science. As part of her exhibition at thisisnotashop Minnock will exhibit an animation in collaboration with artist Vera Klute whose work merges drawing, video, stills, and photography into collage like animations.

OCT 21-27 / Opening Thu Oct 23, 7pm-9pm

The Dublin Electronic Arts Festival (DEAF)


Anthony Kelly – Slavek Kwi – Seán McCrum – David Stalling

First Draft: Audio Postcards

Auralog is a collaborative project by Anthony Kelly (Ireland), Slavek Kwi (Czech Rep), Seán McCrum (Ireland) and David Stalling (Ireland). This project is a collection of sound postcards, aural objects framed by silence, which seek to relate the sounds and timeframe of Newfoundland to the specific place of thisisnotashop and redefine the experience of space and time through electronic and actual sound.

During the investigation of a long-term project entitled Shorelines, Auralog travelled to Newfoundland in June 2008 to collaborate with a group of Canadian artists in the creation of numerous sound recordings. The Canadian artists, Angela Antle, Pierre LeBlanc and Anne Troake, will be sending their audio postcards as part of this event.


OCT 31 – Nov 9 / Opening Thu Oct 30, 7pm-9pm

Mark Grehan

Occurrences (in the expanse between areas without variation)

Thisisnotashop is proud to present an exhibition of recently resolved paintings by Dublin based artist Mark Grehan. Colours and lines are layered to form images where several spaces coexist within a singular picture plain. For the viewer an image that has an apparent balance reveals composition variations on further investigation.

Photography and image analysis are fundamental to Grehans practice. Gathering visual material on a daily basis Grehan explores this research using several computer programs. The results are then brought to the studio where they are introduced onto surfaces with paint and drawing materials. Without working towards a predetermined resolution the artist includes creative development within the artworks execution and in so doing opens the work up to alternative decisions and unforeseen outcomes.

NOV 16-30 / Opening Sat Nov 15, 4:30pm-8pm

Helene Hortlund & Veronica Forsgren

Folka Polka

This group exhibition sponsored by Swedish Women’s Education Association (SWEA) brings together the work of Swedish artists Helene Hortlund (Stockholm) and Veronica Forsgren (Dublin). The exhibition draws on the heritage of Swedish Folk Art in an exploration of the innate human need to decorate and beautify our close surroundings. Pushing the traditionally private work of adornment into the public sphere both artists use the creative process to mark out and become part of a territory. The imprinting of the intimate in the public space is a way to construct a place for oneself in existence.


Perdember – all performance in December


Thursday December 4th 

Doors open at 7pm- performance begins 7.30 pm sharp

Michelle Browne

Site-Specific Performance for thisisnotashop

Dublin artist Michelle Browne’s practice is fundamentally performance based. Her more recent work focuses on issues intrinsic to performance itself: the body, duration and the relationship between the viewer and the performer. She is interested in how social structures and the design of our environment impact on the way we live.  


Saturday December 6th 

6pm – 10pm    /   9pm sharp for main event

Come Back to Ireland

An Evening of Silent Film With Live Irish Traditional Music

Presented by Davis Watson of Junto Rímur Films Featuring a live traditional music trio with Banba Fitzgerald on the Uilleann pipes At sundown the show will begin with a short silent film on loop from the 1930’s titled “Come Back to Ireland”.  Promptly at 9pm, a live trio of young Irish musicians will accompany a final projection of the film with an original arrangement of traditional tunes. A brief session will follow the performance.  To end the night, Davis Watson will screen a short presentation from his documentary work-in-progress on Uilleann pipers.  Banba Fitzgerald, one of the stars of the film, will close the event with a solo tune or two.


Sunday December 7th 

5 – 7pm

Sunday Supper

The Urban Fires

Beating those December blues with winter coddle & a live music session with artists Neil Conlan (guitar/vocals), Aidan O’Donovan (percussion), Rory Conlan (saxophone), Neil McAvinia (electric guitar).  In an attempt to warm up a winters evening, the culinary talents of Paula Dempsey have been summoned to stir a little of Old Dublin’s flavors into a mix showcasing tracks from Neil Conlan’s debut album, Know This(, with hints of laid back Blues, Folk & Reggae from the band. Neil’s philosophy is that “through music we can elevate consciousness, reconnect to the Gaian mind, draw more energy to humanity’s heart chakra, and take our place in the grand march to our destiny in the stars.” Space is limited, so come early to secure some hearty fare & tasty tunes. ______________________________________________________________________ 

Friday Dec 12th 

8 pm

Creative Spaces

Organized by Aisling Ryan.

As part of an ongoing series that moves throughout Dublin, Creative Spaces presents spaces for creative experimentation for artists of all genres. The working concept of “no stage, no set list, no (traditional) audience” allows performers freedom from the constraints of scheduled performances. This event is not programmed and is open to musicians and performing artists. Email Aisling for more information –


Saturday Dec 13th and Sunday Dec 14th 

Live Performance Sat Dec 13 at 7pm sharp

Sound Installation Open Sat and Sun, 2-7pm

Claire-Louise Bennett

The Surrounding

“Even on a hot day, even from a distance, you could see, as the handle of a wooden spoon lowered into a fresh tin, how cool it was. How cool the paint was, going across the walls.” 

The Surrounding is a story of place, it’s the story of the boundary that confines, conceals and protects place, it’s about being here and those walls there, it’s about psychical reach and the skin’s despair. It’s about brilliant white and French doors, it’s about the sudden appearance of ducks and emulsion paint drying on a cardigan sleeve, it’s about creosoting the fence and drawing the wind. It’s a constellation of consciousness, a network of sensory output, it’s about coming into a room and coming into being, it’s about you, it’s about you, it’s all about you, it’s everywhere and it’s moving in.     

The Surrounding is living text, vivified and transmitted by Claire-Louise Bennett. From the comfort of an armchair. In a room somewhere. 


Thursday Dec 18th and Friday Dec 19th

2nd Annual Thisisnotashop Christmas (Art) Fair

Open 3pm-9pm

Artists can hang work from 7pm-9pm Wed 17th or 10am-3pm Thu 18th 

Come down and celebrate the season- show off your creativity and pick up a few stocking stuffers- it’s all about the holiday cheer thisisnotashop style! 

Artists: bring down your work during the designated times and claim your spot on the wall- first come first serve. We don’t curate, we don’t take a commission- it’s totally up to you!

Everyone Else: Come down to the most unique Christmas Fair in Dublin that includes a massive variety of different work by different artists- from paintings, to jewelry, to toys, to much much more….

We provide a suitably lively holiday atmosphere with fairy lights, mulled wine, music, and Christmas films galore…

Plus in our back room we’ll be holding a hands on “make your own plush toy” workshop led by Louise Bagnall- so get crafty and make your own Christmas decorations and toys!


21st – 25th March: NCAD Art in the Contemporary World Masters mid year show entitled The Power of a Negative Remains Between Us.

27th – 31st March: The Projector Collective (Projector 2.0) entitled I just like the lights. The Projector Collective used elements from a piece of “found conversation” to create an installation at thisisnotashop. This work is part travelogue and part exploration of the richness of even the most fleeting experiences.

20th April: Artistic Dinner Series entitled thisisnotarestaurant- dinner #1 Revival Dinner. This was the first of our artistic dinner series and we invited people to come along and brainstorm about future projects for the shop- opening the space up to the people. It was a spaghetti family style dinner and the walls were covered with white paper- each table had a glass of markers and crayons so people could write and draw their ideas on the walls- a great success

May- June: Due to the change of directors a break was taken from exhibiting to focus solely on programming the rest of 2007.

July 7th: Artistic Dinner Series entitled thisisnotarestaurant – dinner #2 “What does art have to do with food? What does food have to do with art?” This dinner was intended to provoke discussion and debate about the possibilities of an artistic dinner series in to chart a course for future dinners. All the dishes prepared were moulds thus making food an object as well as sustenance.

July 13th: thisisnotashop Programme Launch featuring live performance by YoureOnlyMassive.

July 18th to July 23rd: Astrid Walsh, Vera Klute, Laura Butler. Show titled Life As Such. Visual Art group show exhibition. Life as such looked at the fundamental awkwardness and frequent discomfort of life, as well as its unexpected pleasures, and explores the processes of negotiating a comfortable place for ourselves in the world. A group show of three up and coming Irish artists who worked in the mediums of painting, drawing, video and animation.

the work shop: writing

* Exhibition/Publication/Performance of Writing Projects created from July 2007 through January 2008 of Writing Workshop- scheduled to occur in February 2008
* Writing workshops at thisisnotashop: a meeting of writers to share work and discuss. The atmosphere is casual and lively with an emphasis on the discussion and pursuit of ideas evolving from the various members work. We will also look to create original material based on the workshop exercises and discussion. We are looking for fictional writing which can be in the form narrative, poetry, theatre, song lyrics, etc… We want the workshop to be what you want it to be- to help foster and develop your own work while also giving you the opportunity to discuss and gain inspiration from the other writers in the group. We will work towards a culminating event to present the final pieces which may be in the form of a performance or publication or both.

August 1st to August 8th: CMWCXV 15th Annual Cycle Messenger World Championships Art Exhibit entitled Fuck Art Lets Ride. Visual Art group show Exhibition. CMWCXV was an event that brought bike messengers from all over the world to Dublin for a weekend of racing, partying, and a celebration of the global culture that exists within the community. The exhibit featured a collection of artwork created by this international crew combining print, painting, sculpture and visual media. This show was a huge success- over 500 people, mainly bike messengers, came to the opening.

•August 16th to August 18th: Clay McLeod Chapman performed Selected Stories. Three theatrical performances by this renown American writer and performer. Clay McLeod Chapman is one of the best performers from the underground New York City theatre scene. This was his first time performing in Ireland. Thisisnotashop was transformed into a theatrical space for Clay’s intense and darkly funny story monologues. The audience was blown away by his unique story telling style and he loved getting feedback from an Irish perspective. “Clay McLeod Chapman is like Stephen King transmogrified into a post-punk preacher poet. He writes – and performs with voracious energy character monologues that are American-Gothic tall tales of the psyche.” – The Scotsman.

August 23rd to August 25th: Clive Murphy presented Porn Spam T-Shirts. A visual art installation site-specific to thisisnotashop. New York based Irish artist Clive Murphy put a site specific twist on ‘thisisnotashop’ by turning the gallery space into just that – a shop! Porn spam e-mail subject lines are appropriated from the internet and recontextualised as designs on t-shirts which were offered for sale. The project placed the lexicon of porn as public art, exploring ideas of semantics, public v private, and the landscape of social order. Murphy is currently a resident artist at the Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin and will commence a nine month residency at the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, New York on his return in September. He currently has a show on in the Process Room at IMMA as well as a current show on at Palace Contemporary Projects entitled Mono.

September 3rd – September 9th: Brendan Duffy show entitled Cuba: the last days of Castro. Photography exhibition. An exhibition of photographs documenting the people and places of Cuba as the regime of Fidel Castro draws to a close. Dublin based commercial photographer Brendan Duffy captured the colour, vibrancy and singularity of Cuban life on a recent trip this year.

September 13th to September 17th: As part of Dublin Fringe Festival 2007: Kathryn Maguire & fringe show entitled Escapespace. Site-Specific Installation and sound, visual art sculpture and projections. Artist Description of Work: “Enter and escape into a celluloid fabricated space. As the festival season comes to a close there is still one more tent to enter. Escapespace is an imagined escape refuge where you can relax, contemplate and benomadic in your mind. Electronica artist fringe will create sounds reflective of the festival soundscape and new and imagined outdoor sounds to calm and relax the viewer.”

• September 14th: Dublin Culture Night 2007. We are participating in this city wide event that features 100 different arts and cultures venues who all stay open til 10pm. 80 thousand people are expected to take part in the night visiting the various galleries, studios and museums.

• September 20th to September 22nd: As part of Dublin Fringe Festival 2007: Default productions present theatrical work Generic. Theatre Generic represents an unrelenting attempt to define and organize words that are commonly used, sometimes misunderstood, and often ambiguous. Set in mock office environment over three hours, the audience are free to come and go as the performers establish that if you speak enough, all meaning is lost.

September 20th to September 22nd: As part of Dublin Fringe Festival 2007: YoureOnlyMassive presents live art show Disco-nnect. A mystery audio tour to make you fall back in love with the city and its fellow travelers. Follow the route to a secret gig (the location of which is thisisnotashop) where you make the party happen. A new solo piece by Maebh Cheasty, who made It’s An Audio-DeTour in Dublin Fringe 2006.

September 27th to October 4th: Orla Whelan. Irish Visual Artist.

October 18th to October 20th: Esperanza Collado presents Zero Degree: The New Image of Thought. A Film Programme with talk. A three-night event consisting of film projection, followed by discussion. The discussion will focus on the importance of the interval understood as the immaterial essence of cinema. We will screen avant-garde film works that, highlight the very mechanistic articulation of cinema, thereby revealing the principles of their own construction. These films are exemplary of the phi-phenomenon, i.e. how the brain connects frames filling the intervals. We will discuss how cinema does not record the filmic process without projecting a cerebral process. Films: Cut-Up films by William Burroughs, Flux films by Paul Sharits, Metrical films by Tony Conrad and Peter Kubelka.

October 30th to November 4th: Chequerboard presents “Penny Black” album preview Exhibition. Site Specific Installation and Music. Dublin musician and graphic artist John Lambert presents the ‘Penny Black’ installation piece. John’s aim is to create a space which will reflect and hopefully enrich visual and musical themes explored on his new album. John makes rich subtle instrumental music intercut with found sound and textured samples. He released his debut album Gothica in 2002 through Reverb Records (US) and the follow up E.P. Dictaphone Showreels in 2005 through Lazybird. He received the 2007 Model Music Fellowship in Sligo where he has been working on and recording “Penny Black”.

November 8th to November 11th: Sarah Lincoln. A visual art exhibition from a successful emerging Irish artist. The persistent drive to articulate what is large and beyond us is central to Sarah Lincoln’s practice. The imperfect human touch is a dominant theme and occupies a skewed position in relation to her gargantuan aim. There is a dogged hopefulness to her work.

November 16th to November 25th: Robert Carr will present a site specific visual arts installation. Robert’s work involves experimenting with and manipulation of materials and a search for interesting ways to use them. It involves the making of simple structures like latices, spines, struts or stacks which are expanded into more complex forms using a geometric or ruled based logic. It focuses on the use of visual rhythms, patterns and symmetries, on the effects of scale on perception, and on methods of deconstruction and reconstruction.

November 30th to December 19th: Gordon Matta-Clark show entitled Food. Visual Art and Film. thisisnotashop is proud to present the first exhibition in Ireland of New York conceptual artist Gordon Matta-Clark. The exhibition focuses on the restaurant opened by Matta-Clark in Soho, NYC, in 1971 called Food. Food was at once a good/cheap place to eat, an employer for any struggling artist, a meeting place for the burgeoning artistic community, a performance space, and a work of art. This show is incredibly important as Matta-Clark is one of the most important artists to come out of New York in the 1970’s and has recently had a full retrospective at the Whitney Museum in New York which is due to open soon at LA MOCA. Along with the exhibition we are arranging a talk by Jane Crawford, the artist’s widow and the head of the Gordon Matta-Clark Estate (talk will most likely be held at NCAD who are very interested in being involved in this project). We would also like to hold a panel discussion on the role of alternative art spaces in artisitic movements as well as the rejuventation of a city space looking at Matta-Clark’s role in Soho 1970’s and the role of alternative art spaces such as thisisnotashop in current Dublin.

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