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Esperanza Collado : Zero Degree

Exhibition runs from October 18th to 20th 2007

Esperanza Collado

Zero Degree: The New Image of Thought
Spectrum Presentation + Curated Film Programme

By Esperanza Collado

October 18th to 20th @ thisisnotashop, 26 benburb street, Dublin 7

A three-night event consisting of a film projection series and a presentation of Spectrum fanzine 4th issue, both focused on the question of the interval -as radical difference, irrational cut, and as a last resort, as a means toward a more active role for the spectator- in avant-garde cinema. If cinema is about neuro-physiological vibrations, the image must produce a collision, a nervous wave in order to make thought emerge. The absence of images (the sole presence of a black or white screen) has a decisive importance in contemporary cinema, positing a dialectical relationship between image and its absence.

Film Screening:
18th October: Irrational Interval
William S. Burroughs, Cut-Ups Films (UK)
Peter Kubelka, Schwechater (Austria)
Peter Kubelka, Arnulf Rainer (Austria)
Paul Sharits, Epileptic Seizure Comparison, (EEUU)
Paul Sharits, T,O,U,C, H, I, N, G, (USA)
Paul Sharits, N:O:T:H:I:N:G:, (USA)

19th October: Dialectic Interval
David Lynch Lumiere: Premonitions Following an Evil Deed (USA).
Stan Brakhage, Riddle of Lumen, (USA)
Stan Brakhage, Boulder Blues and Pearls and…, (USA).
Dziga Vertov, The Man with the Movie Camera (Russia)

20th October: MA: Intervals
Takahiko iimura, MA: Space/Time in the Garden of Ryoan-Ji (Japan)
Takahiko iimura, MA: The Stones Have Moved (Japan)
Takahiko iimura, MA: (Intervals) (Japan)