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James Merrigan

FEB 27 – MAR 8



Opening Thu Feb 26th, 7-9pm

Exhibition Hours: Wed-Sun, 2-7pm

For thisisnotashop, Merrigan has fabricated a site-specific installation that plays with the image of a hardware store as a site of possibility. From this fabricated stage, he invites the audience to extract the end, beginning and centre of a potentially hazardous narrative. James Merrigan’s recent work has been focused on the idea of the event, and how we, as an audience, capture or read the event. He fabricates these events from videos and paraphernalia that are crudely cut fractions of a bigger happening. His work is a lead in, or the afters of an event, and centers around ideas of crisis, horror and ritual.

Born in Dublin in 1976. Recently completed an MFA at the National College of Art & Design, Dublin. Awarded NCAD Graduate Studentship, 2008. Has taken part in a number of selected group exhibitions in Dublin and Galway. Most recently selected for a solo show at Queen Street Gallery, Belfast. Reviewed in CIRCA twice in succession for Solo Show ‘…could we talk before and after… (PART 1),’ Queen Street Gallery, Belfast (2008); and for CIRCA’S CRITICS CHOICE AT DEGREE SHOWS (2008).  Lives and works in Ireland.