Wendy Judge

JAN 30-FEB 12


Works of the World United
More… Great Works

Opening Thursday January 29th, 7pm-9pm

Exhibition Hours:
Wed-Sun, 2pm-7pm

More Great Works takes a surveillance view of no go hazardous areas, where the sometimes-intense secrecy surrounding such places leads to the breeding of rumors and conspiracy theories as to what their function really is.

Wendy Judge works mainly though sculpture and drawing. Her art practice is concerned with the anomalous within the landscape, both in structures on the land and also within the land itself.

These landscapes are recreated through models. It is not only the representations and the approximations that interest her but the dynamic between the actual and the imagination, the relationship between the objects, and what that may trigger.

This work is driven by connecting threads, associations and coincidences found through cultural references such as literature, historical painting, popular culture and film. This process of cross-pollination helps propel odd dialogues and private conversations though to a querying of the mechanisms of culture, power and politics.

This current project is a continuation of Great Works, work shown in the Goethe Institute in 2008. The work is accompanied by a publication with texts by Sarah Pierce and Antonio Beecroft.


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