Perdember 2nd Weekend


DEC 12-14


Friday Dec 12th 

8 pm

Creative Spaces

Organized by Aisling Ryan.

As part of an ongoing series that moves throughout Dublin, Creative Spaces presents spaces for creative experimentation for artists of all genres. The working concept of “no stage, no set list, no (traditional) audience” allows performers freedom from the constraints of scheduled performances. This event is not programmed and is open to musicians and performing artists. Email Aisling for more information –


Saturday Dec 13th and Sunday Dec 14th 

Live Performance Sat Dec 13 at 7pm sharp

Sound Installation Open Sat and Sun, 2-7pm

Claire-Louise Bennett

The Surrounding

“Even on a hot day, even from a distance, you could see, as the handle of a wooden spoon lowered into a fresh tin, how cool it was. How cool the paint was, going across the walls.” 

The Surrounding is a story of place, it’s the story of the boundary that confines, conceals and protects place, it’s about being here and those walls there, it’s about psychical reach and the skin’s despair. It’s about brilliant white and French doors, it’s about the sudden appearance of ducks and emulsion paint drying on a cardigan sleeve, it’s about creosoting the fence and drawing the wind. It’s a constellation of consciousness, a network of sensory output, it’s about coming into a room and coming into being, it’s about you, it’s about you, it’s all about you, it’s everywhere and it’s moving in.     

The Surrounding is living text, vivified and transmitted by Claire-Louise Bennett. From the comfort of an armchair. In a room somewhere.


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