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Kate Minnock

OCT 3-12

Kate Minnock
in collaboration with Vera Klute

Opening Thursday Oct 2nd, 6pm-9pm

Opening Hours Wed-Sun, 2-7pm
Other days/times by appointment, contact 086 8609831

thisisnotashop presents ‘Karkinoma’, an exhibition of new works by Kate Minnock in collaboration with Vera Klute. The title refers to the term first used by the Greek physician Hippocrates twenty-five hundred years ago to depict a tumor as a ‘muddled irritable cavity with spindly legs flaring out of control in all directions’. Fascinated with its evil animal-like appearance, he called it karkinoma, cancer, the Greek word for crab.

Minnock graduated from NCAD in 2003. Her current practice spans site-specific installation, digital & Fine Art print & drawing, focusing on the interdisciplinary area of art and science. This research-based exhibition was influenced by the work of Dr. Angel H. Roffo. His groundbreaking research was presented at the 2nd International Congress of Scientific and Social Campaign Against Cancer in 1936 to over 200 eminent cancer research specialists.

For this exhibition the artist has produced a limited edition artists book, using the format of a timeline, to highlight significant events relating to Roffo’s research. The book was created using original letterpress techniques at the National Print Museum. Printed as a blind deboss the deliberate, laborious yet meditative process of letterpress printing becomes an intrinsic element within the work.

The exhibition includes a collaboration by Minnock and Klute. Klutes work merges drawing, video, stills, and photography into collage like animations. The animation is based on the detailed drawings A.H Roffo used to accompany his pioneering research into the carcinogenicity of solar radiation. The animation will be back-projected onto the window of the gallery.


Dublin Culture Night 2008

Friday Sep 19

After the success last year, thisisnotashop is proud to again participate in Dublin Culture Night. Come down and enjoy the festivities with live music, refreshments, and workshops led by Wheels Beneath Toys artists Jessica Foley and Elva Carri.

For Culture Night Canabrism presents a screening of ‘uberglobule’ in the intimate setting of Thisisnotashop. The screening event features a variety of video, animation and custom imagery accompanied by a live mix soundtrack of Canabrism music. Running time is approx. 45 minutes and will commence at 9 pm.

For more information about Dublin Culture Night visit

Jessica Foley and Elva Carri

The Dublin Fringe Festival 2008

Wheels Beneath Toys

Opening Wed Sep 10, 7pm-9pm

Gallery Open Everyday 2-7pm from SEP 8-21

Two artists present an eclectic ensemble of paraphernalia generating a space to explore diverse aspects of childhood play. Foley’s work is a development of research, investigating playgrounds & play histories within the north Dublin Inner city, which manifests in a kind of pseudo-historical narrative through objects, drawings & audio tape recordings. Carri’s work explores the childhood activity of building huts as hiding places, the transformation of the object that occurs within children’s play and the benefits of being childlike as an adult.