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Wreckio Ensemble

July 23rd – Aug 2nd

The Ladies Aide Society Invites You To A Poverty Party To Benefit The Foundation For Ethical Art And Culture

July 23rd to August 2nd
Wed – Sat, Show begins 8pm, Doors Open 7:30
Opening Night Wednesday July 23rd
Tickets are “pay what you feel it’s worth”

Space is Limited! Please Book Tickets in Advance

For their Irish debut, New York City based theatre company Wreckio Ensemble presents an exploration of questions surrounding the process of making and selling art. Through their trademark style of highly physical and collaborative theatre making, Wreckio Ensemble utilizes found and self-written material, as well as improvisation, to carve out a world where art and power collide. Inspired by the gallery’s unique architecture, which features a shop front window facing the street, the show blurs the lines between artist and spectator inspiring a dialogue about who art is for and at what cost it exists.

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Killer Heels

July Wednesday 16th 7-9pm, opening performance

Thursday 17th 6-8pm

Friday 18th     6-8pm

Saturday 19th 6-8pm

Sunday 20th   6-8pm


Killer Heels

Killer Heels is a two hour performance where a hooded figure stands as though wearing imaginary heels. This small but intense gesture draws upon popular culture as well as ritual practices. The performance acts as an initiation into a domain, while skeleton keys offer a return to this place.  

The work carries anachronistic signifiers that topple logic’s hierarchical position; dissolving fixed points of reference. These fluid dissolutions accentuate the contingency of information. Killer Heels is playful disruption.