Stephen Blayds & Terry Markey

April 10th to 17th, gallery open daily 12.30pm-6.30pm

Opening reception Wednesday 9th April, 6 – 9pm

A Joint Exhibition of New Works

Stephen Blayds
This exhibition is a showing of results of an ongoing inquiry into decision-making. The investigation was undertaken whilst completing the MAvis at IADT.

Terry Markey
Role, identity and situation in society features in the constructed forms by Markey building large assemblages comprising of found wood and objects. The Souring of material from the surrounding areas is an important aspect to the work. The lost components of the city are regenerated in art to provide a place of self reflection on the meaning and the assumption of role and position of the individual within society.
Forming work that has a challenging and confrontational presence in the art space, the work engages the viewer and ponders the physical act of looking. The construction of the work is a documented performance, with eight to ten hours of continuous making provides a platform for the artist to commune with the raw material and to react to the structure of the art space in a conversation of movement and material. Working from sketches the constructions formed from the creative act existed only in the point of making, continually change during the exhibition till the work has completely dissipated and the art space has returned to awaiting art environment.


Friday 11th April
Back For Beyond Redemption @ thisisnotashop
Doors open 8.30, show begins 9pm
Followed by reception @ The Dice Bar.
Call for live artists and alternative performers

Terry Markey and thisisnotashop present an open event of live art and alternative performance, which invites artists and performers to attend and participate. Any and all live actions are welcome (less than ten minutes) no submissions required just turn up and make contact come early to secure a slot. This event is to create a forum for live art and action where artists and performers can relay work in an informal environment. Live art, live action, free style spoken word, readings, dance, burlesque, comedy magic and music any and all are welcome.
For more info:


1 Response to “Stephen Blayds & Terry Markey”

  1. 1 Amanda Ralph April 18, 2008 at 8:01 am

    Hey Terry

    You ever think of developing your theoretical curatorial proposal or is this work a version of it?


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