Fiona Larkin

March 28th – 30th 2008, 2pm-7pm daily


Fiona Larkin

This Is Not The Place

Opening Thursday March 27th, 7-9pm 

For thisisnotashop Fiona Larkin has created a body of new work, making actions, photos, drawings and stop-gap animations which refer directly to site and look closely at the everyday experience of the commute. Using the newspaper as both material and a means to communicate she will create discreet interventions culminating in handing out a paper to LUAS commuters on Thurs March 27th. Here she focuses on the ‘in between’ nature of the commute, and examines the void between our two helical sites of aspiration and ambition, home and work. 

Since completing her MFA at the University of Ulster in 2004 Fiona Larkin has been based at Queen Street and Flaxart Studios in Belfast. She has exhibited both locally and internationally. Recent projects have included a residency with Youkobo Artspace in Tokyo, a solo show in OMAC, Belfast and a curatorial collaboration with Manchester based artist Jane Anderson Travel Agents Projects, facillitating both online and gallery based projects. She currently lectures in the University of Ulster Belfast.


1 Response to “Fiona Larkin”

  1. 1 Chef Tommy March 25, 2008 at 8:02 pm

    Here’s to you Fiona Larkin, that the opening and the full run gets the full support, full compliment.
    Best, Cilla

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