David Lacey and Paul Vogel

Wednesday February 13th and Thursday February 14th, 2008
Doors open at 6:30, 7pm Performance Each Night

David Lacey and Paul Vogel

thisisnotashop is pleased to announce the launch of our 2008 Programme on Wednesday February 13th. Please join us to celebrate and check out
what we have in store…

David Lacey & Paul Vogel : Sound Installation and Performance
Improvising musicians David Lacey and Paul Vogel will give performances on two consecutive nights (Feb 13 & 14) at thisisnotashop. Utilizing traditional acoustic instruments, electronic processing, faulty objects and the sound both inside and outside the performance space, they combine varying degrees of sound and silence to create work which questions the boundaries of what we perceive as being ‘musical’. Accidental and unplanned elements are woven into the fabric of the music and the failure to perform and deliver is always a possibility.

David Lacey and Paul Vogel have been collaborating since 2003, both as a duo and as part of larger configurations. Alongside their work as improvising musicians, they have also composed music for theatre and sound works for radio. Current collaborators include Martin Küchen, Erik Carlsson, Angharad Davies, Lee Patterson and Mark Wastell. They have recently completed work on a new duo album, due to be issued in late spring. It will be the third release on their ‘homefront’ imprint. They are the co-curators of the ‘i-and-e’ festival of improvised music and sound art, which takes place this year on the weekend of March 28-30. http://www.i-and-e.org


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