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The Writing Workshop Week

Tuesday Feb 26th and Wednesday 27th, Friday 29th- Sun March 2nd



The Writing Workshop at thisisnotashop

A Week of Miscellany

Tue-Wed, Fri-Sat 7pm Nightly, Sunday 1pm Brunch*


*Please note Thursday night event, Susan Thompson, has been postponed to a later date to be determined. Her text will be exhibited throughout the week in the gallery.


The Writing Workshop at thisisnotashop was formed in July 2007 as a place for writers and artists interested in text to share their work and collaborate. A Week of Miscellany showcases the fruits of this exploration with evenings of presentation, participation, entertainment, and reflection: a veritable exercise in ‘work-in-progress-ness’. Each night one of the workshop’s participants will present / perform their work.


Tue Feb 26: Felicity Williams

Wed Feb 27: Gerry McDonnell with Maura Foley and Damein O’Donnell

Fri Feb 29: Kay Inckle

Sat Mar 1: Jessica Foley and Kathryn Maguire

Sun Mar 2: Jessamyn Fiore




Solus Film Collective and Alan Lambert

Tue February 19th, 7pm: Solus Film Collective DVD Launch
Wed February 20th, 7pm: Alan Lambert Screening of Metal Dragon



After 10 years of programming, Solus are presenting their first DVD compilation, which presents works from the early screenings in 1998/99 through to the most recent additions for Anthology Film Archives in 2006, and Marseillesin January 2008. This new DVD features short films by James Kelly, Zoe Greenberg, Stom Sogo, Dónal Ó’Céilleachair, Johnny Kelly, Ronan Coyle, Moira Tierney, Anthony Kelly & David Stalling, Masha Godovannaya, Alan Lambert, Dennis Kenny.

Jonas Mekas, one of the leading figures of American avant-garde filmmaking or the “New American Cinema,” who hosted the early Solus programmes in Anthology Film Archives, will be attending, as will many of the Filmmakers mentioned above.

Solus is an independent film collective and platform for film-makers working in Super-8mm / 16mm and DV. The group was formed in 1998 in Dublin, Ireland, by Moira Tierney and Alan Lambert. It has the dual aim of showing Irish short and avant-garde films internationally and international short and avant-garde films in Ireland. So far Solus has programmes for a variety of Arts Institutes and venues in Ireland, France, America, Russia, Trinidad and Egypt. The website will also be launched on the same evening:


ALAN LAMBERT OUROBOROS: First Metal Dragon Feature

‘Ouroboros’, is a set of short improvised ghost stories made on mini-DV with a variety of artists in a variety of locations around the world over the past year – from Bermuda to Philadelphia to Yokohama to Trinidad and New York, with composers, mural painters, stand up comics, animators and conceptual artists. ‘Ouroboros’ will ultimately become a feature film comprising these short films when viewed end to end. The soundtrack includes contributions from Aphasia Recordings, Five Green Circle, Dave Donohoe, Secret Society, Fergus Kelly and many more.

As Metal Dragon, Alan Lambert has been providing audio visual works for festivals and live events over the past 5 years, with a wide range of visual material collected on travels in America, Asia, Europe and the Middle East. Previous visual works have been primarily non-narrative music video oriented. ‘Ouroboros’ is the first set of works which lean more towards the narrative.


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David Lacey and Paul Vogel

Wednesday February 13th and Thursday February 14th, 2008
Doors open at 6:30, 7pm Performance Each Night

David Lacey and Paul Vogel

thisisnotashop is pleased to announce the launch of our 2008 Programme on Wednesday February 13th. Please join us to celebrate and check out
what we have in store…

David Lacey & Paul Vogel : Sound Installation and Performance
Improvising musicians David Lacey and Paul Vogel will give performances on two consecutive nights (Feb 13 & 14) at thisisnotashop. Utilizing traditional acoustic instruments, electronic processing, faulty objects and the sound both inside and outside the performance space, they combine varying degrees of sound and silence to create work which questions the boundaries of what we perceive as being ‘musical’. Accidental and unplanned elements are woven into the fabric of the music and the failure to perform and deliver is always a possibility.

David Lacey and Paul Vogel have been collaborating since 2003, both as a duo and as part of larger configurations. Alongside their work as improvising musicians, they have also composed music for theatre and sound works for radio. Current collaborators include Martin Küchen, Erik Carlsson, Angharad Davies, Lee Patterson and Mark Wastell. They have recently completed work on a new duo album, due to be issued in late spring. It will be the third release on their ‘homefront’ imprint. They are the co-curators of the ‘i-and-e’ festival of improvised music and sound art, which takes place this year on the weekend of March 28-30.