Chequerboard’s Penny Black Exhibition

Exhibition runs from Wed Oct 31st to Sun Nov 4th


Chequerboard Live Performance Thursday November 1st at 7:30 pm
Exhibition opening hours: Wed Oct 31st to Sun Nov 4th: 3pm to 7pm

Dublin musician and graphic artist John Lambert presents the Penny Black installation piece. A series of textured and intricate montages themed on the sound of his new album which can be previewed this week at thisisnotashop before its release in February 2008. The pieces which are assembled on top of old vinyl record jackets convert into wall hangings and feature antique collectibles, military curios, old postcard details and various quotidian debris that John has singled out for their unique qualities. The music video for the Chequerboard song ‘Konichiwa’ will be on view as well and a limited edition sampler cd of Penny Black will also be available.

John is performing live in the gallery space at 7.30pm on Thursday Nov 1st. Chequerboard music is emotive subtle guitar music intercut with found sound and textured samples. His debut album Gothica was released in 2002 through Reverb Records (US) and the follow up E.P. Dictaphone Showreels in 2005 through Lazybird. John received the 2007 Model Music Fellowship in Sligo where he spent the year in Sligo recording and producing his new album Penny Black.


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