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Gordon Matta-Clark : Food

December 1st – 19th, 2007

Opening: Friday November 30th, 7pm-9pm

Exhibition Hours: Tuesday – Sunday, 2pm-7pm


The first ever exhibition in Ireland of New York conceptual artist Gordon Matta-Clark takes place 1st-19th December at thisisnotashop.


Jane Crawford, artist widow and director of the Gordon Matta-Clark Estate, will give a talk about the life and work of Gordon Matta-Clark on Tuesday December 4th at 10am at NCAD, room Go4-Go5 on the ground floor of the design block.

Now internationally recognized as one of the most important American artists of the 1970’s, Gordon Matta-Clark was a central figure in the birth of the artistic community in Soho, NYC, which included such luminaries as Robert Smithson, Dennis Oppenheim, Mary Heilmann, and Robert Rauschenberg.

His first Irish exhibition will focus on the restaurant opened by Matta-Clark in Soho, NYC, in 1971 called Food. Food was at once a good/cheap place to eat, an employer for any struggling artist, a meeting place for the burgeoning artistic community, a performance space, and a work of art. Consisting of documentary photographs and film, the exhibition will explore Food in the context of Matta-Clark’s artistic work and the role it played in the art community of 1970’s New York.

Major recent exhibitions of Matta-Clark’s work include a retrospective that opened at the Whitney Museum in NYC in February and is now at LA MOCA in Los Angeles, CA, and is heading to the Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art early next year. In 2006 there was an award winning exhibition of his work at the Reina Sofia Museum in Madrid, Spain, and he was a central featured artist at the San Paolo Biennial in Brazil.

Matta-Clark’s work took art out of the traditional museum context and into the streets where he deconstructed disused spaces to highlight the social problems and possibilities of the decaying urban landscape in which his community lived in worked. As a sculptor takes a chisel to marble, Matta-Clark took a chainsaw to abandoned buildings cutting through walls and floors, exposing layers of the past to light and air, taking the viewer out of the safety of the museum/gallery and directly into the art work. He evolved obsolete architecture into stunning works of art that challenge us to question our notions of security and safety both socially and psychologically.

Gordon Matta-Clark left behind a body of work that is now celebrated world wide and has inspired subsequent generations of artists and architects because of its courage, passion, and genius.

Original documentary photographs and limited edition reprints will be offered for sale.


Robert Carr : New work

Opening: Friday November 16th , 7pm to 9pm
Exhibition Hours: Sat Nov 17th to Sun Nov 25th / 2pm to 7pm

Robert Carr

Robert’s work involves experimenting with and manipulation of materials and a search for interesting ways to use them. It involves the making of simple structures like latices, spines, struts or stacks which are expanded into more complex forms using a geometric or ruled based logic. It focuses on the use of visual rhythms, patterns and symmetries, on the effects of scale on perception, and on methods of deconstruction and reconstruction.

thisisnotashop is located at 26 benburb street at the corner of benburb and blackhall place directly on the Red Luas Line between the Museum and Smithfield stops

Sarah Lincoln:Inconsistent Machine

Exhibition runs from 8th – 11th November 2007

Sarah Licoln

Function: Unknown
Mechanical advantage: none
Input: human effort

Output: two works on paper @ ‘thisisnotashop’, 26 Benburb St, Dublin 7
8th – 11th November
Opening Reception, Wednesday 7th November, 6-8 pm
The Exhibition will open 12 – 5pm, Sat and Sun and by appointment only Thursday and Friday.
Contact: (087) 6144072

Chequerboard’s Penny Black Exhibition

Exhibition runs from Wed Oct 31st to Sun Nov 4th


Chequerboard Live Performance Thursday November 1st at 7:30 pm
Exhibition opening hours: Wed Oct 31st to Sun Nov 4th: 3pm to 7pm

Dublin musician and graphic artist John Lambert presents the Penny Black installation piece. A series of textured and intricate montages themed on the sound of his new album which can be previewed this week at thisisnotashop before its release in February 2008. The pieces which are assembled on top of old vinyl record jackets convert into wall hangings and feature antique collectibles, military curios, old postcard details and various quotidian debris that John has singled out for their unique qualities. The music video for the Chequerboard song ‘Konichiwa’ will be on view as well and a limited edition sampler cd of Penny Black will also be available.

John is performing live in the gallery space at 7.30pm on Thursday Nov 1st. Chequerboard music is emotive subtle guitar music intercut with found sound and textured samples. His debut album Gothica was released in 2002 through Reverb Records (US) and the follow up E.P. Dictaphone Showreels in 2005 through Lazybird. John received the 2007 Model Music Fellowship in Sligo where he spent the year in Sligo recording and producing his new album Penny Black.

Esperanza Collado : Zero Degree

Exhibition runs from October 18th to 20th 2007

Esperanza Collado

Zero Degree: The New Image of Thought
Spectrum Presentation + Curated Film Programme

By Esperanza Collado

October 18th to 20th @ thisisnotashop, 26 benburb street, Dublin 7

A three-night event consisting of a film projection series and a presentation of Spectrum fanzine 4th issue, both focused on the question of the interval -as radical difference, irrational cut, and as a last resort, as a means toward a more active role for the spectator- in avant-garde cinema. If cinema is about neuro-physiological vibrations, the image must produce a collision, a nervous wave in order to make thought emerge. The absence of images (the sole presence of a black or white screen) has a decisive importance in contemporary cinema, positing a dialectical relationship between image and its absence.

Film Screening:
18th October: Irrational Interval
William S. Burroughs, Cut-Ups Films (UK)
Peter Kubelka, Schwechater (Austria)
Peter Kubelka, Arnulf Rainer (Austria)
Paul Sharits, Epileptic Seizure Comparison, (EEUU)
Paul Sharits, T,O,U,C, H, I, N, G, (USA)
Paul Sharits, N:O:T:H:I:N:G:, (USA)

19th October: Dialectic Interval
David Lynch Lumiere: Premonitions Following an Evil Deed (USA).
Stan Brakhage, Riddle of Lumen, (USA)
Stan Brakhage, Boulder Blues and Pearls and…, (USA).
Dziga Vertov, The Man with the Movie Camera (Russia)

20th October: MA: Intervals
Takahiko iimura, MA: Space/Time in the Garden of Ryoan-Ji (Japan)
Takahiko iimura, MA: The Stones Have Moved (Japan)
Takahiko iimura, MA: (Intervals) (Japan)